Most deaf-blind Jews, even in Israel, have a very minimal Jewish background and identity and lack the means and mobility to learn more.

In this important program the participants learn about their Jewish heritage and traditions, the history of Israel and the Jewish people and deepen their sense of Jewish Identity. The year-long program is structured around the Jewish and Israeli calendar.

It includes classes on a wide range of relevant topics, interactive workshops, shared holiday celebrations, educational and experiential tours.

The Center for Deaf-Blind Persons

The Center for Deaf-Blind Persons is Israel’s first and only center that provides specifically tailored services and programs to meet the needs of  people who have the dual disability of deaf-blindness. The leading cause in Israel is Usher Syndrome, which is a genetic condition involving both hearing loss (from birth) and the progressive loss of vision throughout life.

Karten Computer Learning Center
Excursions and Educational Tours
Jewish & Israeli
Identity Programs
Awareness Workshops in Schools & Community Centers
Role Model Program
Ulpan: Learning Hebrew for Deaf-Bind new immigrants