Sign language is a visual way of communicating where someone uses hand gestures and movements, body language and facial expressions to communicate. Deaf people with visual impairments of varying degrees have difficulty seeing the signs, from which several adaptations have developed:

 Visual Sign Language: When someone is signing to a deaf person with tunnel vision, they sign within their remaining field of vision and keep a distance.

Tracking: Tracking is a method of communication utilized by DeafBlind persons who rely on their residual vision. This approach allows consumers to access sign language within their unique visual field. With this method, the DeafBlind person will place one or both of their hands on the nterpreter’s forearm(s) or wrist(s). Doing so allows the DeafBlind person to control the speed of the
signing and keep the signs within their visual field. This method is often use with persons who are losing their vision
and transitioning to tactile sign language.

Tactile Sign Language: Tactile sign language is a method used by persons who cannot access sign language through their vision. These persons will place one or two hands on top of the signer’s hands to receive the message. The signer’s hand(s) should always be under those of the consumer. In this method,   the signer will sign at a pace allowing communication to occur comfortably..


דרכי תקשורת נוספות

קריאת שפתיים

קריאת שפתיים ודיבור היא שיטת תקשורת בה מבינים את הנאמר ע"י...


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הברייל הוא שיטת תקשורת כתובה המשמשת להעברת מידע וכאמצעי...

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בשיטה זו מציירים את האותיות על כף ידו של האדם...

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בשיטת תקשורת זו כל אות מיוצגת ע"י אחד מפרקי האצבעות...

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שיטה בה האדם החרש-עיוור מניח את כף ידו על כף היד...