Tu b’Shvat 2019: Trip to Naharayim

Tu b’Shvat 2019: Trip to Naharayim

Yehudah Malka, bereaved brother:

“Our Adi,

Yesterday, we walked, remembered, and marked with a procession and ceremony in Naharayim, the place where all your dreams were cut down, along with all your accomplishments. For the first time, we came together, about 75 people from the Beth David Institute Center for Deaf-Blind Persons. People who are deaf-blind, deaf and hard of hearing and hearing all together. We remembered your work in the deaf community of Beit Shemesh; the way you were always there for everyone; how you interpreted for our parents and everyone else with love and dedication.


Yesterday, we had a unique experience, an experience of total inclusion and fulfillment of a dream. The dream of all of us, that the deaf community will be a partner in its own commemoration, and we’re happy that the Beth David Institute Center for Deaf-Blind Persons took up the gauntlet and joined in the procession and ceremony.
The ceremony was made accessible to all; each person had a communication facilitator and support service provider who described/mediated for that person what was going on in the surroundings and the way the hill of flowers was blooming, and described for them how Orna Shimoni appeared and how much light she gave to all present.
It was a deeply emotional experience for us. For the first time, my mother felt the pride and respect of the community with her, marching and remembering with her – and of course, with you.
It was thrilling to see, all around the ceremony area, hands signing and interpreters standing and making the event accessible to all. It was thrilling to see the national anthem, Hatikvah, signed by the community, everyone amazed and emotional at the spectacle. If only it could be like this every single year. That sign language wouldn’t be the main attraction of the ceremony , that it would be clear to all, and that the community would take the initiative to be present at ceremonies like these.

Our Adi,

Right after the ceremony, we traveled to Moshav Yardena for Kurdish hospitality to finish the day with the taste of life, joy, and continuity. We enjoyed a royal banquet and all danced and rejoiced together, speaking about you to increase the joy of your life and all your activities and about the fact that you’re always with us, and that everything we do within the deaf and deaf-blind community is in order that your memory remain with us forever”.

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